Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make Money Mystery Shopping part 3

Welcome to part three of Make Money Mystery Shopping. Click here to read week one and here to read week two if you haven't read them already. This week I am continuing to tell why mystery shopping is an awesome part-time (or full-time) job. I want all you potential mystery shoppers to know why it is a job that is in demand.

Have you ever wondered what people think of you when they meet you? Well, mystery shopping is kind of like that. Companies need mystery shoppers to tell them (the company) what they (the customer) think about the services they’ve received.

Of course, companies have all kinds of quality control measures in place to make their business the best that it can be. But, they want to know that the employees are following through with them. What good is it to have procedures in place if the employees are not carrying them out?

Mystery shoppers provide a valuable service to a company. With feedback from good mystery shoppers, companies can work on improving their services. This can lead to better quality of service for customers, and more profits for a business.

You have probably been to a restaurant, fast food or otherwise, that asked customers to fill out a card or survey to tell about their experience. This is one way that a company can get feedback. But, how many times have you filled those out and mailed them in? Or how many times have you took the time to make a phone call to a company to complete a survey over the phone, or even gone online to complete a survey about your experience? Probably not too many, right? I know in my own experience, if a restaurant is really good or really bad, then I might leave a survey. But customers who do these surveys may forget certain things that companies consider important to improving service. If a customer only puts “Great food!” that is not as helpful as if they would describe specific areas of service as a mystery shopper would.

So you see, mystery shoppers really do provide a great service to companies. Mystery shoppers enter a business with the goal of being able to describe the experience that they, an average customer, had. They go in with specific criteria to pay attention to. How was the service? How was the ambience? Was the staff friendly? Did they make you feel important? These are some of the types of questions that mystery shoppers can answer for a company.

If you are a mystery shopper, you can help companies tremendously by being thorough and accurate. Mystery shopping recruiters will actually call you first for some of the best mystery shops if you are dependable. You can set yourself apart from other shoppers if you give great descriptions.

Stop by next week for the final part of the Make Money Mystery Shopping series. Next week I will have a list of mystery shopping companies available for subscribers who are interested! See you next week!


lollimom said...

I am enjoying your posts on mystery shopping. I find the variety of questions and information required by the different mystery shops very interesting. Some reporting seems to take me forever. Each company is sooo different in requirements for their reports. It is very important to read and answer their reporting questions very carefully ad accurately.

Nirra said...

Glad you like them! I am always paranoid that I'm not going to get paid for a shop if I'm not accurate so I'm super cautious. It's never happened before and I want to make sure that it never does :)


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