Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Money Mystery Shopping part 4

Welcome to Make Money Mystery Shopping part 4. This week I will discuss some of the things that you need to get started, and some of the things that are optional to help you make higher profits. Make sure you read weeks one, two, and three before you read this post.

To get started mystery shopping, you will need some tools. You should start with a cell phone with a clock and timer of some sort. I think most people have this. If you don’t have a cell phone with a clock, you should have a watch. You need this to note times that specific things happen. Often mystery shopping companies want to know what time a shopper enters their establishment and what time they leave. They may also want to know how long it takes for employees to interact with you.

You will need a computer with a printer and internet access. You will probably want to start off by printing the shop requirements of companies. After you have done mystery shopping for a little while it becomes easier to remember requirements without having them printed. Internet access is also a necessity. You will have to enter reports online so you can’t really get around having either of these.

Another basic necessity of a mystery shopper is transportation. You will need to be able to get to and from your shops. There are some mystery shops that can be done at home over the phone, but you are limiting yourself if you only complete these types of shops.

Another fairly basic need is a printer with a scanner. You may need to be able to scan receipts, business cards, and other printed materials. You can avoid doing these types of shops if you like, but again, you are limiting your profit potential. If you choose to go without a printer, make sure that each shop you select does not require you to print or fax anything in!

One final thing you need to mystery shop is good organizational skills. This costs you nothing but it very important. You might not be naturally organized, but you’ll need to work on it to make the most money possible as a mystery shopper.

An optional addition for making greater profits is a digital camera. Some companies require you to take pictures as part of their mystery shops. It’s hard to remain anonymous while taking pictures right? From my experience, companies that require pictures either have you start off anonymous and ask you to reveal yourself at the end and that is when you take pictures OR you announce that you are the mystery shopper right away. They are really no big deal.

Another optional tool is a GPS. If you have a GPS you can travel to nearby towns and cities for mystery shops. You will not have to worry about getting lost or trying to find your destination with Map Quested directions. It’s worth it to get a GPS system as you can make the money that it costs to buy one with a few shops. Plus, you can use it any time you want to go out of town- not just for mystery shopping. Now, if you would like to jump right in and get started with mystery shopping if you'd like.

If you want more information about mystery shopping, I have a book with everything I have learned about mystery shopping. I give you advice on how to make the most money as a mystery shopper, including tips that I myself use. For my mystery shopping teacher blog readers this book is $10. That's $7 less than regular price. If you are interested, click here for my book. I will keep the price at $10 until March 1. After that, it goes back up to regular price at $17 so if you are interested in learning more about how you can make money from home as a mystery shopper, and making a small investment click here.

If you aren't quite ready for that committment, stay tuned to week five of my Make Money Mystery Shopping series. Thanks for being a reader.

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