Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ji Ga Zo review

Have you tried Ji Ga Zo yet? It is a new puzzle from Hasbro. Ji Ga Zo originates from the puzzle game that is popular in Japan. The way it works is a user takes a picture (or I guess you could find one on the Internet too) and uploads it. After it is uploaded you print out a type of map that has different symbols on it the back. These symbols are what help you to put together the puzzle.

There are 300 puzzle pieces that make up the puzzle. The neat thing about this is that the pieces are not in color. They are like different shades of sepia. It looks like a jumble of puzzle pieces when you start but when you finish, using the symbol map, you have a picture of whatever you want. This can be used over and over to recreate millions of puzzles.

The game includes a CD that helps you to create your picture puzzle. It takes no time to set up! All you have to do it take a picture, upload it to the program, and the program creates a map of symbols that when assembled correctly, will give you the picture that you want. So you are not looking for different pieces of a puzzle like you would with a normal puzzle. You would instead look for the symbols and after all of the symbols are in the right place, you have a picture. It is too neat!

If you like puzzles, you will love this game. You never have to do the same puzzle twice. So instead of buying new puzzles all the time, you can just take a new picture. Once you finish assembling your puzzle you can take pictures of it for your album. One neat idea is that you can take a picture of your child in various stages in their life, assemble a puzzle, and take a picture of it. These are like Monet’s to me. Up close you can’t really tell what they are but when you step back, the picture appears. This is a really neat idea and our family enjoyed it!

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