Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make Money Mystery Shopping Part 2

Welcome to part two of Make Money Mystery Shopping. Last week I explained why mystery shopping is a great way to make money from home. I didn’t explain what mystery shopping actually is. This article will explain what mystery shopping is, and also some of the types of mystery shops available. If you missed last week's post, check it out here.

Mystery shopping is when an individual does an evaluation for a company (usually incognito) and is paid to do so. I know that is kind of a broad, general way to say it but it’s true. You can get paid to do mystery shopping for so many different services that I am hesitant to try to give a more specific definition than that.

Here are some examples of mystery shops that I’ve done. Keep in mind, this is an abbreviated list:

+ I’ve stayed at a hotel for the night and completed a report on the quality of the hotel. I received reimbursement as well as a shopping fee.

+ I’ve gone grocery shopping and was reimbursed for doing so, and received a shopping fee.

+ I have helped my husband to mystery shop apartments! We have pretended that we were interested in moving in to an apartment and we pay attention to the sales pitch that the employees give. These pay awesome shop fees.

+ I have mystery shopped cell phone companies. Received a shop fee.

+ I have mystery shopped pizza delivery companies. Didn’t have to actually buy a pizza, just evaluate the associate over the phone, so I received a shop fee.

+ I have mystery shopped fast food restaurants. Received reimbursement plus a fee.

+ I have mystery shopped casual dining restaurants. Received reimbursement plus a fee.

+ There are more that I’m leaving out because I’ve done many, many different types.

Here are some mystery shops that I know exist because I have worked with the company before, but just haven’t done these types of shops:

+ Veterinarian check-up shops. Take your pets to the vet and evaluate the vet’s services.

+ New car evaluation shops. You test drive a new car and evaluate the salesmanship of the employee at the car lot.

+ Insurance evaluation shops. Don’t really know a lot about this one.

+ Fine dining shops. You get paid to evaluate the food at expensive restaurants- I mean $40+ per plate restaurants. That’s expensive to me!

+ Theme park mystery shops. Take your family, buy food, and have fun while you mystery shop.

+ Major/Minor League baseball mystery shops. You purchase tickets (which you are reimbursed for), go to a game, and buy merchandise and food (which you are also reimbursed for). And on top of that, you get a shop fee.

+ Cruise mystery shops. YES cruise shops. I haven’t actually seen them available with companies that I’ve worked with, but they are out there.

+ Mortgage loan inquiry shops. You pretend that you want to take out a mortgage loan and use fake information so your credit report is never actually pulled. These pay well!

+ Too many more to mention. I haven’t even scratched the surface. There are so many types of shops out there that you will be blown away by what’s available.
Mystery shoppers are paid for providing information to a company regarding their experience. The value of this for a company is that they can see what the average customer experiences.

Since I have had many requests for mystery shopping lists, I will compile one to give away to subscribers. If you are interested in getting your hands on the list, please subscribe. Oh, and when you subscribe you get the chance to win $20 Pay Pal cash to get you started on your mystery shopping adventure. When I post the last article in this series I’ll leave a form for you to enter your email address and I’ll send a list so that you can get started. Thanks for reading! If you missed the first week in the series, click here. Next week on Tuesday, I will put up week three’s Make Money Mystery Shopping post.


lollimom said...

I do mystery shops also. Some of them are really fun. I am looking forward to hearing more about your experience as I am still quite the novice.

Nirra said...

Neat, I love when I come across other mystery shoppers. I would love to know what companies you've shopped. We are not supposed to post on here but by email would be okay mysteryshoppingteacher@yahoo.com


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