Monday, February 28, 2011

If I were abducted by aliens...

Being a mom is great most of the time. Spending time with your children, watching them grow up, and seeing their personalities come out is fun. Sometimes you have to do stuff that’s not as much fun too though. It comes with the territory. Your kids may think they could do without you, but then they would miss at least ten things that are unique to you.

The new Disney movie coming out March 11th called “Mars Needs Moms,” is all about a kid whose mother is mom-napped by aliens. He has to go on a quest to bring her back home. Here’s a list of ten things that I think MY little guy would miss if I were abducted by aliens.

Good morning hugs
My little guy might not own up to it, but I know he would miss hugs in the morning. There is nothing sweeter than seeing him first thing in the morning in his cute little p.j.’s. I can never resist scooping him up and giving him hugs and kisses. He could probably do without the kisses though, if I had to guess.

Back rubs
I’m pretty sure that Ezra would miss backrubs. When I rub his back, he puts his thumb in his mouth and lays his head on me. If he is anything like his mommy, he loves getting a backrub.

Getting stories read to him
I know Ezra likes for me to read to him. He will bring me a book and let me put him on my lap to read to him. Then when the book is over, he claps. Very cute!

Tickle fights
My little guy is extremely ticklish. I’m ticklish too so I know how it feels to be tickled. It’s fun as long as it doesn’t go too far. When you are held down and tickled mercilessly by a mean cousin, it’s not fun. All you can do is hope that they stop eventually. I’m repressing those memories. I don’t do that to Ezra, he gets just enough tickling to enjoy it.

Hugs when he gets hurt
This is another thing he might not admit, but he comes running when he gets hurt and I’m the one who rubs his head, or back, or arm, or whatever other thing he has injured.

Chasing him through the house
Ezra loves to be chased. He hides behind the table and in corners, and squeals with delight when he sees me coming after him.

Babying him when he’s sick
Most guys like to be babied when they are sick. Ezra is no exception. He seems to know that I’m a sucker for a sniffly nose and fever so he takes advantage of that and becomes extra extra clingy.

Making bubbles during bathtime
I give bubble baths. He LOVES bubble baths. Bubbles was one of his first words, oddly enough. Don’t know where he got it from but it was very clearly what he was saying.

Piggy-back rides
Ezra loves piggy-back rides. He loves for me to sling him on my back and hop around the room. He holds on tight and laughs.

Silly time
I know that Ezra would miss silly time. It’s just fun to be silly with him sometimes and I know he’d miss it if I were abducted.

I’d like to think that he would miss more than just these things, but you can never tell. I know he definitely would not miss getting his teeth brushed or eating vegetables that he doesn’t want to eat. Would he go on an escapade to free me from Martians? I’d like to think so.

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