Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grab a cold one and maybe get paid 20 bucks to do it!

Want to grab a cold one for free? I'm not talking about a Cullen or any other handsome Twilight vamps (I know it's trendy right now, and I kinda hate that I love something so trendy-but I love love love Twilight!). I mean a beer. I don't happen to drink beer...not really my thing because I'm more of a margarita girl. I only like drinks that are sweet and fruity so that's what I was hoping for when I did this mystery shop.

The shop required that I spend a certain amount of time in the store examining the hot food area, the beverage coolers, the bath room, and most importantly I was supposed to count the number of signs that mention the legal age to purchase tobacco products and alcohol. I can't remember exactly how long I was to remain in the store. I think it was at least 10 minutes. I also had to purchase an alcoholic beverage, and a non-alcoholic item of my choice with a reimbursement of 1.99. I was supposed to see if the employee asked for my i.d. when I purchased the alcoholic beverage and pretend that I didn't have one to see if the employee would still allow me to purchase the alcohol.

It was a pretty standard shop with no strange questions to ask, or nothing that would make me stand out as a mystery shopper. I don't do the shops that I don't feel I can't pull off without looking like a mystery shopper- that's just one of my personal things. I completed the actual mystery shopping and the report in 45 minutes. I have shopped with this company before and they are one of my favorites! The pay was $20 plus a reimbursement of $1.99 for the beer and any non-alcoholic item. Here is a link to the company that I did this shop for.

I guess I can find something to cook with the beer as neither my husband or I are that big on drinking beer. Actually another time I did an alcohol shop for this company the beer stayed in the refrigerator for probably a year! Does anyone have any ideas for good recipes with beer?

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fancygrlnancy said...

That sounds interesting. I always wondered how you become a mystery shopper. I used to work at a resturant that had mystery shoppers. I was shopped a couple of times. I got 100% once and like 98% the other time. I am also more of a Margarita girl, but my husband would drink the beer up.


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