Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cash back for Online Shoppers

Hello out there in mystery shopping land! How would you like to earn money when you shop online? If you shop online even infrequently you should be making cash back for it. I don't mean cash back on your credit card, although that would be something that you might be able to do in addition to what I'm talking about. You can earn cash back by signing up here.

You start off by getting ten bucks into your account right away when you sign up and make a purchase. You have to sign up through this link here in order to get the bonus though. Then, you make cash back every time you purchase something online as long as you sign in to the site and click on the store link. It will take you seriously only like 30 seconds to sign in and click on the link that you want to shop with when you get ready to shop. You can shop at anything from ebay to WalMart to Circuit City. Circuit City should have some great sales since I hear many of their stores, or all of them, I can't remember, are going out of business. There are hundreds of other stores too. If you shop online you can also often get coupons on top of the cash back. Sometimes the coupons are for free shipping, or $15 dollars off, etc. It beats going to the store and standing in line...Plus the cash back is up to 19% back. That money just rolls over into your account without you even thinking about it. You sign up for paypal and they send you your money.

I am just really excited about it because I just got my money into my pay pal account which is like a total bonus. My subscribers already know all about this and have hopefully taken advantage of the offer already. If not there is no time like the present. When you get your money into your paypal account or if when you get your check in the mail, make sure to drop me a comment. That's all for now folks.

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