Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grocery store shops with great pay!

One of my favorite shops that I've done to date would probably be the grocery store shop. I found one company that needed a grocery store shop done. I just happened to stumble upon the company and shop and it was a spur of the moment decision to apply for the shop. The shop pay was decent, but it was out of town. It just so happened that I was going out of town for another shop too, so it was worth it to me to get this shop done while I was there anyway.

The point of the shop was to keep a look out for the quality of service, promotional materials, store branding, and cleanliness. I had the task of looking at several different aspects of the store. There was not an amount of time specified for how long I had to be in the store. I was also to make a purchase of at least two items. One of them had to be big enough to fit in the bottom of the grocery cart like bottles of water or dog food, and the other item was to be small. The items were reimbursable.

It is a fairly small town company. I believe it is one that is kind of common to the south, but maybe not so common elsewhere. I went with a checklist of the things I needed to look for, discreetly of course. There was no one else in the store with me so it was really easy for me to do the evaluation discreetly without anyone noticing that I was checking out the ceiling and floor tiles for discoloration. I looked for the promotions of the month and selected my two items. I, of course, had decided on bottled water and cereal bars before I entered the store knowing that I wouldn't have to come out of pocket because my reimbursement would cover these items.

Everything about the shop went well. The only thing that was not so great was that it was raining when I got out to my car and I had to lug the huge bottles of water out to my car and get soaked. The really awesome thing about this company is that they pay really quickly. I mean, I got my check like two or three weeks later and I was trying to figure out where the check came from because I got it so fast! I highly recommend this company for great, fast payment. This is one company you definitely need to check out.

In my book this company gets five stars for ease of report, great pay, and prompt delivery of payment! This is a great company to start off with if you are a new shopper. Go for it!

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