Saturday, July 12, 2008

Super easy & Super quick-great pay

Okay, so this is one of my favorite shops to do. It's quick and easy and of course when you consider that it only takes about 15 minutes from beginning to end the pay is great. The shops are tobacco compliance shops. That means you pretend to be a customer who wants to buy cigarettes or some other tobacco products. You ask for the product and see if the cashier requests your driver's license, as is required to purchase tobacco products.

I did two of these last week. Not counting the travel time, it took me about 30 minutes to do both of these shops. When I actually got to the station, I had to pretend to purchase the product and see if the cashier asked for the driver's license. I revealed that I was a mystery shopper and asked for the cashiers name. Then, I had to check and see if the bathroom was clean. Next I checked to see if the windshield wiper stations had enough fluid in them. Finally, I had to take pictures of the coolers. Right before I leave I gave the cashier the pass or fail certificate.

The actual report that you have to do only takes about 5 minutes. There are very few questions. The part that takes the longest on the report for me is uploading the pictures because my desktop computer is super slow. I made $25 for those shops. That's like $50 an hour if you think about it! Now, it's usually $10/shop for this company but one of these shops must have had bonus money. Still, $40/hour is alright by me!

I've probably done ten of these shops before. I had an interesting experience on my last shop. The cashier failed and he came out of the little booth and begged me not to turn him in. He said he had a really good day up until that point and he was the manager. I told him that I was only doing my job and I would have to give him the failure certificate. He said that he thought I was someone else that had already purchased a pack of cigarettes from him just a few minutes ago and he thought I was just coming back for more. He assured me that he did card that woman. Actually, there was a male in front of me who bought tobacco products without getting carded too. I always try to listen discreetly and see if the cashiers card other customers or not, if possible.

I almost felt bad, but I realized that if he didn't card me, he may sell cigarettes to someone who is too young to legally buy them. I figured that he must have been in trouble before because of not asking for the driver's license since he got as upset as he was. Anyway, don't feel bad if a cashier doesn't pass. That's not your fault. I don't know what happens if they don't pass but on the certificate it makes it seem as if it's just a warning. Click here for the company to sign up with.


*You'll need a digital camera and you'll have to be able to send those pictures in. I usually just do two or three.

*Do the shops during the day. I wouldn't advise doing any kind of convenience store shops after dark. But then again, I'm just super careful.

*Bring a notepad to jot down a description of the cashier before you leave. Also write down the time and the name of the cashier.

*Line up several shops in one day if possible. These are quick and easy.

*If your are going out of town, line up a few of these shops to help make your trip profitable!

My shopper rating for this company 4 out of 5
My shop rating for these shops 5 out of 5

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