Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Casual Dining Shops

Well I just had to share this little jewel of a company for mystery shops. I have done a mystery shop for a company that has a variety of different shops available: telephone shops, free oil change shops, fine dining shops, video shops, apartment shops, restaurant shops, and probably others that I don't know about. I did a shop for a casual dining restaurant. It is one that is very well known, let me tell you.

Now this one didn't offer a fee but to me that's okay sometimes. For me it is okay not to be paid a fee when my shop is reimbursable up to $50. Yes, fifty dollars! That means you can take a friend/spouse with you and treat them to dinner and get fully reimbursed. Got your attention?

For this particular shop I went in looking for the usual things like service and cleanliness. I started off with drinks. Then, I had the choice of choosing an appetizer to share and soup or salad. Then of course there were two entrees. Finally we got to cap it all off with dessert. This was one sweet shop. The report wasn't even that long. There was so much food my husband and I had to bring home the leftovers and we are serious eaters.

The company that offers these shops also offers two to three hundred dollar banking shops. I've not done one of those. I haven't qualified because those shops are more concentrated in cities and I live in a pretty rural area. Those shops aren't limited to large cities but definitely a larger city than where I live.

Click here to visit the website of the company that offers this variety of shops.

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