Friday, June 12, 2009

Cash in during your summer!

Have you been able to cash in on your summer? I guess this really applies to me since I have much more time off from my "day job" during the summer. For me, mystery shopping during the summer is much easier to do. The weather is beautiful and it just seems that there are an abundance of shops available during the summer.

If you are brand new to the mystery shopping experience, first of all welcome, and second of all, it is a great idea to get a new email address set aside only for mystery shopping opportunities. I wish I had done that to begin with. Now all of my mystery shopping emails mix together with every other email that I get. Sometimes I might miss out on opportunities because I don't realize that I have an email from a mystery shopping company until it is already filled. If you are just starting out I highly recommend you sign up for a free, seperate email address to direct all your mystery shopping companies to.

The best way to make plenty of mystery shopping cash is to sign up for a lot of mystery shopping companies. If you only sign up for three or four companies you miss out on a lot of opportunities. I recommend signing up for at least ten, maybe more. Past posts have included links to mystery shopping companies to start you off. I recommend that you read up on some of the past posts and find some companies that you feel comfortable with shopping for and start applying! I try not to be long-winded so just pick a couple to start with and start reading. The benefit to starting off with companies that others have tried is that you know you're not getting scammed (who doesn't feel a little nervous about giving out their social security number?!?) and if I was successful than you know you can be also.

Here's another idea: I would apply to a lot of jobs and maybe not pick out only the best (those with $20 dollar fees for 15 minutes of work) because those tend to fill up the fastest. If you only pick one of your favorites then more than likely a few other people have applied for that one as well. If you apply for like your top 5 most wanted shops you have a better chance of getting at least one of them. Also, don't shy away from shops that require you to drive out of town if you can coincide a trip out of town with a shop, than it is a win-win situation. My book tells you how you can really capitalize on out of towner shops, among other things.

So apply to a lot of companies and vary your shops a little to cash in with your shopping. And if you are just starting out or have yet to start signing up for mystery shopping companies- make a seperate email address specifically for shopping. Have fun and good luck! Ahhh good to be back.


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