Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ten Freebies- Grab em while they last!

If you like free stuff as much as I do, you might want to check out the following sites to make your request while supplies last. I know this blog is mostly about mystery shopping, but whenever I come across goodies like this, I want to share the love with my readers. Get an autofill tool like on the Google toolbar, and fill it in. Then whenever you come across a website that asks for your information, you can click autofill and it fills in the form for you. Couldn't be easier. Plus, no long surveys to fill out with a credit card- I despise those.

1. There is a free sample of FiberOne cereal. Looks pretty good to me! I know the cereal bars are good as well as the pop tarts.

2. Here is a free sample of head and shoulders shampoo. You have two choices to pick from.

3. Now that cold and flu season is here, try a free sample of Airborne zesty orange.

4. & 5. Who doesn't like a glass of tea? Well, Sundance wants to send you some. Or, let Yogi send you one of their samples. Better yet, get both!

6. Jump on this one right away while supplies last: a free sample of Original Pho soup. Warm yourself up on a cold day!

7. Al's pistachios is sending out free pistachio samples- a big 12 oz. sample. Click here to sign up before supplies run out.

8. Get a free tote bag here while supplies last.

9. Free Pond's clean sweep facial towelettes here.

10. Here is your chance to get a free sample of Aveeno Skin Care.

Enjoy these goodies! I did the research for you and you can reap all the benefits. If I get a favorable response to this, it might become a more regular part of this little blog. Stumble this blog and leave me a comment if you like this!


Angie said...

Thanks for the freebie post...I sent away for the the stuff

nirra said...

I'm trying the Pho as well. Looks mmm mmm good too! Thanks for the comment.


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